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WebAndNet Synergy Email--Relationship Template Library

A library of templates of graphical emails provides the solution for how to easily and economically modify, send, and persuasively inform recipients.

Your firm would create a library of pre-written signature emails ready for use.


A customer calls, and asks a rep questions regarding a product's operating temperatures. The rep verbally replies, "Our product operates between 0 to 400 degrees. I'll email temperature case histories." The rep then selects from a library of pre-written, graphical-signature emails, modifies and personalizes these, and sends emails describing temperature case histories. Alternatively, the rep could have sent a prefacing text email and then the case histories graphical email.

In these temperature history emails, there can also be graphical icon-links to cross-sell thermal products. The rep communicated better and saved time, and the customer receives easy-to-read emails.

Several advantages occurred in this email template library example:
  1. Signature email creation saves time, perhaps by a factor of 20, over webpage creation which can be quite laborious.
  2. Easier for customer to read the information, instead of trying to find it on the website. More colorful and easier to understand than text email, creating better emotional marketing impact.
  3. Provides more sales opportunities for the customer to click to, on the side-icons.
  4. More confidential than webpages. Webpages usually publicly reveal information, also ready by competitors. Signature emails are more private.
  5. Better message quality. Email templates can be easily edited to constantly improve the message quality.

Marketing reasons and positioning of graphical email libraries:

The library solves difficulties with static webpages and text emails.

Some static webpage difficulties are:

  1. Time-consuming and expensive to produce, change, and update.
  2. Once customers have seen a webpage, even though the content may change, it is very difficult to motivate them to revisit the page.
  3. To visit a webpage frequently requires typing or multiple clicks, whereas, email receptions and visits are single clicks.
Some regular text email difficulties are:
  1. Without the graphics, emotional impact is much more difficult.
  2. People donít read lengthy text emails well, and thus plain text emails have lesser sales power.
  3. Persuasive text emails take time to write.
  4. Any sent links are frequently ignored (being small and providing little motivation).
The graphical emails are immediate to the customer, and quickly created by the sender; thus saving a lot of time and producing immediate sales benefits.