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High Quality Desirable

Graphical HTML signature designs are more complicated than static websites because:
  • High quality and throughput are desirable because graphical HTML signatures are sent and read frequently, and the branding image it establishes is valuable.
  • Receiving email filtering occurs, and low quality signatures will result in lesser, possibly negative, throughput and branding.
  • Each type of sending mail client and server environment differs and requires different designs, setup, and usage. High quality design, setup, and training reduce implementation and utilization costs.
  • Low quality marketing analysis, designs, and/or training will result in lengthy learning and adoption time, chuckles from customers, and likely redesigns and retraining.
WebAndNet's Craftsmanship:
  • High quality, custom-created designs to enhance or create the branding image, from internationally published, award-winning web artist.
  • Hand crafted, well-tested coding from graphical HTML signature specialists designed to best bypass filtering and be small in file size.
  • Automatically stretches to achieve best appearance at differing recipients monitors’ resolutions.
  • Excellent training customized for mail client and server environments.
  • Products and methods for best detecting and bypassing filtering.
  • Customers receive optimal signature designs for their mailing environment. Maximum throughput, low total utilization cost (inclusive of training, use, and updates), high branding impact.