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E-mail signatures, such as the colorful graphic on the right side of the below email image, are becoming increasingly popular. They provide a highly professional impression on a business's e-mail recipients because they make use of effective images, colors, and text, offering immediate branding impression.

Signatures can be used to conduct promotional campaigns, enabling each email contact made to repeatedly carry a marketing campaign message. Cross-sell, catalogue-sell, introduce new products, offer promotions, introduce news--these are all easily accomplished with eMail signatures. Signatures' website links further help communicate your firm's total marketing message.

An eMail signature automatically accompanies personally written emails. For example, as each representative writes a personal email, your firm's graphical signature is added and sent with an advertising campaign message.

eMail signatures are read since they accompany personal messages and, as an advertising vehicle, are noticeable, efficient, and effective. And, signatures yield high returns on financial investment, and higher still returns for your time investment on each customer or prospect contact made through email.