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Dealerships for Designers, Ad Agencies, and Affiliates

A customer or prospect may read 50 to 500 personally-sent emails annually from a firm. He may read the same firm's static website only 1 to 2 times annually. Thus, mathematically, graphical-signatured, personally-sent emails can be 25 to 250 times more powerful in selling and branding than static websites. These and other reasons are why your customers will profit from WebAndNet Synergy Email, facilitating your sales efforts.

Using WebAndNet Synergy Email, dealers can sell many new web services-- marketing consulting, newsletters, new webpages, signatures, stationery, and reports; thus, providing you with excellent opportunities.

Dealer Contact WebAndNet Synergy Email

Contact WebAndNet for a full demonstration and product explanation! We’ll further explain profitability, marketing position, pricing structure and target market. Because dealers are carefully selected, we need to receive your telephone number (include country code), website address, and best time to call.

WebAndNet Synergy Email is available at promotional dealer-copy pricing—use it to boost your own sales activities. Profit from the best in relationship email!