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WebAndNet Synergy Email--an Integrated Relationship Email and Webpage Management System

WebAndNet Synergy Email begins a new generation in email relationship marketing by providing an integrated, time-saving, and effective email service for firms that value relationship selling.

Features of Synergy Relationship (Patent Pending) Emails

Feature Benefit
Graphical one-to-one branded, regular correspondence email using signatures and stationery. Well-read advertisements that are especially powerful in branding and cross-selling.
Easy-to-modify graphical email templates Allows for laymen users to quickly prepare and send graphical emails. Customers receive pertinent, detailed, persuasive follow-up emails.
Real-time identified website visitors. Identifies who and when a customer visits activated webpage. Reports on which webpages are most popular. Sends email alerts when specified customers visit.
Full feature bulk email. Newsletters.
Email advertisements.
Real-time tracked email. Know when an email has been opened, and saves in sales follow-up time and improves sales timing.

No other email system, however expensive, offers as much, and few are as easy to use. WebAndNet Synergy Email is a proven product created from two proven products, with over 45 sales made.

Contact WebAndNet’s dealers and WebAndNet for a full demonstration and email samples!

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